Senior executives with 30 and more years experience of the freight handling business established Jonen Shipping Limited in 1972 to provide an international freight forwarding service that combines the maturity of experience with the freshness of innovation.

Jonen Timeline

  • 1837 - C.J. Jonen Shipping were established in Dusseldorf
  • 1972 - Jonen London office is opened
  • 1979 - Jonen Leicester depot is opened
  • 1981 - Jonen Essex depot is opened
  • 2003 - Jonen Yorkshire depot is opened
Jonen Shipping's beginnings

It is this solid background of experience in world-wide freightage that enables Jonen to approach today's complex handling and transportation problems with a forward looking attitude that makes use of past experiences without being hampered by them. Our expert staff in the UK, supported by a network of overseas agents and associates, know the right routings and the right contractors to carry and handle cargo of every description to any part of the globe. They will help plan and control your freight movements from the beginning and see them through to final delivery - with constant supervision all the way.

This, then is the Jonen Approach. To provide a fully comprehensive freight forwarding service based on our considerable knowledge of international transportation and using the latest methods and technology to get our clients goods to the right place at the right time at the right price, but we are not above using the old tried and trusted methods when they are the only answer to particular problems.

All business is conducted under the current terms of the standard trading conditions of the British International Freight Association. The terms of the International Conventions concerning the Carriage of Goods by Road (C.M.R.) also apply where appropriate.