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From initial planning to final delivery we can handle all aspects of your freight movement. Whether a small or large consignment, by road, sea or air, Jonen Shipping have the expertise to ensure the movement is completed efficiently and cost effectively.

If you have your own Shipping/Export Department, we can dovetail our services to your systems to augment and optimise your existing facilities. If you prefer to operate with a streamlined executive staff and contract out all your freight requirements, then we can act as an extension to your own Export department. Either way your best interests will always be our overall concern.

Our executives in the UK will handle everything from consultation to paperwork, from chartering to insurance, while our field superintendents are available to cover operations from start to finish, wherever your delivery terms commit you.

The complexity of co-ordinating and consolidating supplies from numerous different sources and bringing them together at the site is a freight handling problem that requires particular expertise and extensive knowledge of logistics, and we can attend to the same, whatever the size and destination.

Jonen Shipping's own staff and overseas associates have the experience and are fully capable of attending to your needs from negotiation to final delivery.

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All business is conducted under the current terms of the standard trading conditions of the British International Freight Association. The terms of the International Conventions concerning the Carriage of Goods by Road (C.M.R.) also apply where appropriate.