We wish to announce that after 41 years of service with Jonen, Paul Newman retired on 31st July 2014.  Paul joined the Company in 1973 and became Director in 1986.  During his 41 years with the Company, Paul saw many developments and changes both within Jonen and the Shipping Industry.  During these changes he maintained the exemplary service levels that have been associated with our organisation since its inception.

Jonen Shipping, freight forwarding professionals with a keen eye for developments in the shipping industry, are curious as to how – and if – the retail giant’s new patent will be utilised and the consequences if it is.  The Wall Street Journal article states that the “anticipatory shipping” service could see packages being delivered even before customers click “buy.”


Freight Forwarding experts Jonen Shipping, which provides a specialist worldwide shipping service, has joined fellow freight organisations in expressing concern upon hearing of a potential congestion charge hike.  With a daily road freight service to and from Germany – to name just one of our European road freight services – Jonen anticipates being directly affected by the proposed changes.



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