Outcry over Proposed Congestion Charge Increase

Freight Forwarding experts Jonen Shipping, which provides a specialist worldwide shipping service, has joined fellow freight organisations in expressing concern upon hearing of a potential congestion charge hike.  With a daily road freight service to and from Germany – to name just one of our European road freight services – Jonen anticipates being directly affected by the proposed changes.

Transport for London (TfL), the organisation responsible for the Congestion Charge, stated that it is to consult on changing the standard daily rate from £10 to £11.50, meaning a 15% rise for many motorists.  However, for the freight industry members using the ‘fleet scheme’ it would work out at 17%, well above the current rate of inflation.

Natalie Chapman, the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA’s) Head of Policy for London & South East said of the proposed move: “FTA realises that the Congestion Charge is to deter non-essential or discretionary journeys, but we consider this as a tax on businesses which have little alternative but to use trucks and vans during the day.”

No matter what the outcome, Jonen Shipping will continue to deliver unrivalled road freight service within the UK, to Germany and other European countries.

More details on this story can be found on the FTA website.



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