Amazon’s “anticipatory shipping”

Jonen Shipping, freight forwarding professionals with a keen eye for developments in the shipping industry, are curious as to how – and if – the retail giant’s new patent will be utilised and the consequences if it is.  The Wall Street Journal article states that the “anticipatory shipping” service could see packages being delivered even before customers click “buy.”

Jonen Shipping ensures the secure and smooth transportation of cargo all over the world from Brazil to Germany, from Ghana to Mauritius, from Nigeria to Portugal and are renowned for a shipping service that is second to none.  Whilst Jonen applauds the innovation, being no strangers to transporting cargo, it is difficult to imagine this system being effective – more specifically, cost-effective.

Whilst the article states that the technique could cut delivery time – though by how much remains to be seen – and discourage consumers from visiting physical stores, it cannot be denied that predicting what a customer will buy is a risky business.
According to the article, Amazon may consider giving customers discounts, or convert an unwanted delivery into a gift, quoting the patent as saying:  “Delivering the package to the given customer as a promotional gift may be used to build goodwill.”
The retailer appears to see the system as a way of beating their competitors by using the tremendous amount of data it holds.
So, as Jonen Shipping continue their first rate service, delivering cargo worldwide, with regular services to Brazil, Germany, Ghana, Mauritius, Nigeria and Portugal, an attentive eye will be kept on these rather interesting developments.



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